A downloadable Gretel for Windows

This is an entry for the Not Moe Jam 1. Theme is 'Lost'

You play as Gretel (this game draws inspiration from the Hansel and Gretel Fairy Tale), you are lost inside a magical maze, where the only way progress further  is to locate the magical lollipop and return to the entrance before your candles burn out. You can pick up Bread and drop bread crumbs to help you backtrack back to the beginning. Picking up candles will increase your time to complete.

Had to cut stuff out to submit something on time.

Stretch goals:

Your brother Hansel is a companion AI, he waves a stick around to fend off crows that would eat the bread crumbs you drop. You would also have a hunger meter, so you would either choose to drop bread crumbs or feed yourself. Dying of starvation would have been a second loss condition.

Controls - Keyboard

W, A, S, D - movement

E- Drop bread

Left Shift - Toggle run (until you become stationary)

Controls - xbox 360 or similar controller

Left Analog Stick - movement

A button - Drop bread

B Button - Toggle run (until you become stationary)


Roman (Coding, etc)

Bee (3D and 2D art)


Creative Commons music:


Achmesikus Day 003 - Forest by Night 01 - Creative Commons

Install instructions

Unzip and play the Gretel executable.


Gretel.zip 33 MB

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